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This is the home page of Jim and Pam Grill. We are senior citizens (at least Jim is!) living in the Keweenaw. Pam retired from her position as the Laboratory Director at Keweenaw Memorial Medical Center. Jim is semi-retired and is the helpful man at the Ace Hardware store in Calumet, MI.


See a picture of us and hear "our song".

We are delighted to show you one of the lights of our lives, our granddaughter, Alayna, (a.k.a. the little bear) on
Grandma's Page 'O the Bear

and the newest little light in our lives, our grandson, Justin, born on November 17, 2001


We have two boys: the dog Sam and the cat, Joey.  Sam has been with us for over 4 years now. He's a real schnicklefritz and he loves his "brother", Joey.  Joe has taught him a few things, too, like watch out for claws!



is what Joey thinks he looks like!

Meet Pam's "real boys": Brian, Brendon and Brad. They are some real birds and the best sons a Mom could want!

Here are the pages of  two very special ladies: Brenny's wife, Missy

and Brian's wife,  Pam

~Jim's Boats~

The Spartan, The Badger, and the City of Midland

          The                                           The


From 1951 to 1966, Jim worked on the Lake Michigan Car Ferries, except for '54 and '55 when he was in the military. From 1951 to '56, he worked on the SS Madison as an Assistant Purser/Purser. From 1956 to 1966, he worked on the SS Spartan, first as a Night Plankman, then as a Dining Room Waiter and Head Waiter. He also spent two summers working on the SS City of Midland in the dining room. He never worked on the Badger, but she is a sister ship to the Spartan. They were named in honor of UW and MSU. Jim has many fond memories of his years on the lakes and is an avid shipping fan to this day. After leaving the boats, Jim worked for twenty-two years for Means Services, Inc., now ARAMARK, the uniform and linen rental company, working as a Branch Manager/District Manager and Service Manager. He covered the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and North Eastern Wisconsin.


Jim has a special talent for beautiful photography. See if you agree. Click here. All of the photos are thumbnail size, so they won't take too long to download.


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