Alayna will be 16 years old. She is known to her Grandma and Grandpa Grill as "The Little Bear". She and her grandma (and sometimes Grandpa Jim, Daddy, Pam, and even Uncle Brad) have been in seven Fourth of July parades in Calumet or Lake Linden, MI. They have had so much fun together, as you can see below. The past few years, instead of  joining the parades, we all went camping or on vacations together. We have had great times with the Little Bear, who is now a grown up young lady. See the latest picture at the end of the page.

Alayna's 4th of July pictures


Alayna was 11 months old and, as grandma pushed her in a stroller, she slept through the entire parade.


Alayna and Grandma dressed as sheep and Grandpa Jim was a farmer. He pushed Alayna through the streets of Lake Linden in a wheelbarrow filled with hay. Our sign read "We're not too sheepish to say, we love the USA."



We painted a grocery cart green, stuffed it with ferns, and made a bush for the "baby bear" to ride. Papa Bear (Grandpa Jim) pushed the cart. Mama Bear (Grandma) and Goldilocks (Daddy - such a good sport!) followed.



Alayna reeeaallly wanted to be a ballerina in the parade, but none of the rest of us were game. Alayna, dressed as a ballerina, marched in the children's parade in Calumet! That's Great Grandma Mary and Uncle Brad directly behind Alayna!



This was the first time that Alayna walked the entire parade route, almost two miles! She dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Grandma was - who else? - the grandma. Grandpa was the woodsman and Daddy was the big bad wolf!



Yea! Uncle Brad joined us in our annual march. We all dressed as bumble bees. As always, Grandma made all the costumes (with a lot of last minute help from everyone).



 We joined Grandma's hospital, KMMC, in the parade. Alayna was the most beautiful nurse and carried a basket of candy! Uncle Brad, Grandpa Jim, Daddy, Pam, and GramPammy all marched along and helped pass out candy along the parade route.



Here we are on the deck of the Valley Camp ore boat at Sault Ste. Marie, MI.


This year we traveled with Alayna to Crystal Lake Campground near Lodi, Wisconsin.  We had so much fun together.  Brian, Pam and Brad joined us there for a while.


Alayna with her little sister, Hannah


Alayna at a dude ranch last fall.

Alayna with Pam, Brian and Uncle Brendon at a wedding reception.


We hope you enjoyed the picture review!

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