The 202 ft. sidewheel steamer Keweenaw - Built 1866 at Marine City, Michigan


Underwater Preserve

The Keweenaw Underwater Preserve was established by the State of Michigan in 1991 in order protect the area's submerged historic resources and to help divers to responsibly enjoy the area's shipwrecks. Information about these vessels and their remains is presented here to increase interest in protecting and preserving these and other historic Keweenaw wrecksites. For years these wrecks were slowly deteriorating due to vandalism and neglect. Now however, these historic wrecksites attract many divers and historians to the area and help build the local economy.

Remember, it is illegal to remove anything from most Great Lakes shipwrecks and you can be prosecuted for doing so. Although not all wrecks on this site are actually in the Preserve, they are all still protected from illegal salvage by Michigan State law, and all are closely monitored. Many of these wreck locations were kept secret for years out of fear that they would be looted or damaged. Please respect the decision to publicise these historic wreck locations for your diving enjoyment by not stealing from them or damaging them.

Last updated 8/24/2001

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Undiscovered Wrecks

The Keweenaw has hosted about 140 total losses since 1844. Of these about 40 have been located and positively identified. The vast majority may still have undiscovered remains which lie in the area. Continuing research is being carried out to locate historic vessel remains in and around the Keweenaw for archeological study and recreational diving and many unidentified hulls are being surveyed for identification purposes. The Undiscovered Wrecks Table includes every known total loss that we've found to date in our research.

Major Divable Shipwrecks:

Altadoc John Jacob Astor Charles H. Bradley City of Bangor City of the Straits
Bon Voyage Quincy Dredge #1 Quincy Dredge #2 Colorado John L. Gross
International Langham Lizzie A. Law Maplehurst Mediator
Mesquite Monticello* William C. Moreland Morgan Northerner
Panama Peninsula James Pickands Sailor Boy Scotia
Sea Fox City of St. Joseph City of Superior Transport Traveller
Tioga Uarda Victory Wasaga Alfred P. Wright

Dive Shops & Charters:

A Superior Divers Center
705 Gratiot St. P.O. Box 99
Copper Harbor, MI 49918
(906) 289-3483 summer
(906) 289-459
Equipment, Fills, Training
Narcosis Corner Dive Shop
474 3rd St
Calumet, MI 49913
Equipment, Fills
Fred's Charters
P.O. Box 89
Copper Harbor, MI 49918
(906) 289-4849
Takes 6 divers, runs out of Copper Harbor
Lundy's Underwater Enterprises
Lundy Castro - PADI Instructor
1212 Atlantic St.
Hancock, MI 49930
PH. (906) 482-1579 
Equipment rental and certifications.


Recompression Chamber:

Marquette General Hospital Marquette, MI PH. (906) 225-3560

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