Undiscovered Keweenaw Wrecks

Wrecks in this table all share the common denominators that they ended their careers in or around the Keweenaw Peninsula and that their remains have yet to be positively identified. Several of the vessels in this table have an excellent potential for discovery and subsequent archeological study, while others will clearly never be found. Still others were probably removed but are included here because no definitive record can be found verifying that their remains were removed. A great deal of ongoing research is being conducted into each of these losses and in every case, far more information about the vessel is known than is presented here. Researchers who are interested in receiving more information about any vessels in this table should email Brendon Baillod. A key has been included denoting the relative prospects for locating the remains of each vessel.

	* Location well known, likely to be found
	** General location known, could be found
	*** Location poorly known, unlikely to be found
	+ Deepwater foundering, probably not divable
	? Remains may have been removed
Vessel Name
Date and Place of Loss
Sch. Chippewa**183944.6x10.7x4.720.16 gt. BOM12/6/1847 - Off Eagle River, possibly Sawtooth Reef
Sch. Fur Trader**184380.0x14.6x4.1152.10 gt. BOM11/1852 - On reefs outside of Eagle Harbor
Sch. Swallow?184067.5x19.10x7.787.94 gt. BOMFall 1859 - Driven ashore and broke up in Portage Canal
Riv.St.s. Resolute?185780x11x2.520 gt. BOM5/1859 - Hit rock and sank in Ontonagon River
St.s. Gazelle (located) 1858190x27x11422.38 gt. BOM 9/8/1860 - Strnd. at Eagle Hrbr
St.s. Sunbeam+1861169.1x23.7x10.3398 gt. BOM8/28/1863 - Capsized and sank well off Eagle River
Drg. "Mendota Dredge"* c. 1860c. 70x20x5c. 100 gt.11/1866 - Sank 3 mi. south of Traverse Island
Sch. George W. Ford? 185285.0x23.8x6.0127.13 gt. BOM8/12/1870 - Ran on rocks outside Eagle Harbor
Sc.Sch. Chaska**186976.0xc.23xc.547.0 gt.8/28/1871 - Driven ashore by Ontonagon
Tug. Ed Gallagher** 1863c. 35x10x58 gt.8/15/1873 - Exploded on Torch Lake and sank
Sch. Cambridge**1867165x28x12.5445 gt.8/30/1873 - Aground on Big Bay Point
St.s. St. Clair***1867127.4x25.8x10.1326 gt. 7/9/1876 - Burned and sank off 14 Mile Point
Tug. John Chassell?186850.7x10.0x3.117.94 gt.10/23/1876 - Burned at South Entry - Scuttled
Sch.bge. Nellie McGilvray?1870150xc.27xc.8427.60 gt.8/28/1882 - Struck South Entry Pier - Sank, dynamited
St.s. Manistee+ 1867184x30x10677 gt.11/15/1883 - Went missing 10-15 miles off Ontonagon
Sch. John Bigler+ 1866144x26x12351 gt.9/3/1884 - Foundered c. 10 mi north of Huron Islands
Sch. Golden Rule?c. 1880c. 40x10x5c. 20 gt.9/13/1885 - Capsized and foundered off Ontonagon
St.s. Thomas Quayle? 1867125x21x12245 gt.10/28/1885 - Burned & scuttled at Ontonagon
Tug. M.D. Carrington?187567.5x16.0x8.664 gt.5/17/1885 - Burned on Keweenaw Bay
Sch. Reed Case?1869137.0x26.0x13.9330 gt.10/19/1888 - Sank off North Entry piers
St.s. Bessemer?1875177.7x28.2x15.5590 gt.10/5/1889 - Sank inside North Entry piers, dynamited
Sch.bge. Schuylkill?1873c. 152x25x14472.48 gt.10/5/1889 - Sank inside North Entry piers, dynamited
Sch.bge. Comrade+1883199.4x34.2x14.2910 gt.9/13/1890 - Foundered c. 10 mi. off Misery Bay
Sch.bge. Guiding Star** 1867163.9x26.9x11.8384 gt.8/31/1892 - Driven on rocks at Big Bay Point
St.s. Roanoke*** 1867217.5x31.2x12.51069 gt.8/7/1894 - Burned and sank c. 10 mi. off 14 Mile Point
Sch.bge. A.W. Comstock+1895200x36x12.6805.9 gt.9/23/1895 - Sank c. 18 mi. west of Stannard Rock
Tug. Pearl B. Campbell+188355.2x15.8x6.922.22 gt.12/7/1895 - Sank c. 5 mi. north of Huron Islands
St.s. B.W. Arnold (located) 1885202.3x36x13.2944 gt.11/21/1896 -Burned and ashore at Salmon-Trout River
Sch.bge. Henry A. Kent+1873194.7x35.8x14.3772 gt.9/18/1897 - Foundered c. 8 mi. north of Stannard Rock
Sch.bge. Wenona? 1857193.3x30.5x11.0496 gt.9/7/1898 - Ashore 1 mi. west of North Entry
St.s. Toledo?1862181x31.6x10.3579 gt.10/29/1898 - Stranded off North Entry pierheads
Sch.bge. R. Hallaran+1880189.1x36.6x16.0698 gt.5/2/1900 - Foundered west of Stannard Rock
Tug. Fern (located) 188364.6x18.2x6.248 gt.6/29/1901 - Foundered on wreck of Colorado - Sawtooth Reef
Sail.yct. Marguerite?c. 1900c. 35x10x55 gt.6/29/1901 - Driven on Eagle River beach, aband.
St.s. Hudson+1888288x41x23 2294 gt. 9/16/1901 - Sank c. 8 mi. off Eagle River
Two Scows? c.1880c.100 ft. ea.c.100 gt. ea.11/1901 Driven ashore c. 1 mi. west of North Entry
Sch.bge. D.H. Keyes?1873121.9x26.5x7.6183 gt.11/12/1901 - Ashore at 14 Mile Point
St.s. Bannockburn+1893245x40.1x18.41620 gt.11/21/1902 - West missing east of Manitou Isl.
St.s. Thomas W. Palmer+1889281x41x202134 gt.5/16/1905 - Sank c. 10 mi. west of Stannard Rock
Sch.bge. John Hutchinson* 1873229.3x36.8x14.5980 gt.8/17/1905 - Foundered off 14 Mile Point
St.s. Iosco**1891291x41x19.82051 gt.9/2/1905 - Foundered east of Huron Islands
Sch.bge. Olive Jeanette**1890242x39x161271 gt.9/2/1905 - Foundered north of Huron Islands
Sch.bge. Pasadena?1889250x40x13.21760 gt.10/8/1906 - Struck North Entry pier and broke up
Sch.bge. Samuel H. Foster** 1873189.2x33.7x12.5672 gt.10/8/1906 - Driven ashore in Misery Bay
Tug. Adventurer? 189551.5x11.2x6.316 gt.12/16/1906 - Driven ashore at Ontonagon
Tug. Buffalo?188768.6x17.2x9.660.37 gt.4/29/1907 - Sunk by ice off High Point, Portage Canal
St.s. Samoa (located)* 1880205.5x34.5x17.71096 gt.9/22/1909 - Burned & scuttled at Torch Lake
"Motor Yacht"**c. 1900c. 35x10x5c. 10 gt. 10/15/1910 - Driven aground at Huron Islands
Drg. Duluth? (recovered) c. 1910c. 70x20x5c.100 gt.7/14/1912 - Foundered off Ontonagon
St.s. James Gayley+1902416x50x284777 gt.8/7/1912 - Collision, foundered south of Manitou Isl.
Gas. Toodles (located) 1904c.35x10x510 gt.9/3/1914 - Burned off Pt. Abbaye
Gas. Reliance**1914 c.40x10x517 gt.7/22/1914 - Burned just east of Pt. Abbaye
Gas. Liola R.?191242.0x8.5x4.012 gt.5/13/1915 - Burned and scuttled at Houghton
St.s. S.R. Kirby+1890286x41.5x22.32338 gt.5/8/1916 - Broke in two, foundered off Eagle Harbor
St.s. John Owen+1889281x41x202127 gt.11/12/1919 - Foundered off Manitou Island
Tug. Annie R. Hennes? 188459.8x12.5x6.047.0 gt. 6/30/1920 - Abandoned Lake Linden
Gas. Huron Islands (located) 191035.2x9.0x3.59 gt.11/30/1922 - Foundered Huron Islands, may have been found
Tug. E.D. Holton* 187458.8x14.6x6.724 gt.8/31/1927 - Burned & scuttled by Dollar Bay
Sch.bge. Mingoe***1893198.5x36x12712 gt.5/24/1928 - Foundered off Huron Islands
Gas. Eleanora?192434.2x9.8x4.29 gt.8/5/1935 - Ashore at Keweenaw Point
St.s. Steelvendor+1923250.3x42.9x17.21695 gt.9/3/1942 - Foundered off Manitou Island
Gas. Victory (located) 194233.6x10.4x4.615 gt.5/1/1950 - Burned off Big Traverse, came ashore
Gas. Water Lily?192831.8x9.4x2.87.0 gt.7/5/1958 - Burned Rabbit Bay
Gas. Wigeon* 193828.1x9.2x4.19.0 gt.3/17/1965 Foundered Little Traverse Bay
Gas. Viking II *** 1938 32.4x11.9x3.414.0 gt.9/26/1973 Burned Big Bay
Gas. Susie Q *** c. 1950c. 40x10x520 gt.12/31/1985 - Foundered off Big Bay Point

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