The David Swayze
Great Lakes Shipwreck File

Great Lakes Shipwreck Research is proud to host the searchable database version of the David Swayze Great Lakes Shipwreck File. Please enter search criteria in any of the fields below. Results will only be returned for the first 100 matching vessels, so please try to enter at least three letters in Vessel Name and Place of Loss. Click Here for Explanatory & Usage Notes.  The database is updated every six months with Mr. Swayze's updates and changes.  The current version is 13.0, January 2004.  Please direct questions and comments to

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The Great Lakes Shipwreck File contains over 5000 records of verified total losses of Great Lakes commercial vessels. It is available as a flat file listing at David Swayze's website. For information about the data in each field and a key to reference material abbreviations, please click here.